Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does CICF review grant applications?
  • Must a grant applicant be located in a "port" state in order to be considered for a CICF grant?
    • No. CICF makes grants to organizations that are located or operate in U.S. communities where the cruise industry maintains vessel operations, employs significant numbers of individuals, or purchases products and services from strategic business partners; and that carry out programs and activities that confer significant local community benefits. Thus, CICF considers grants from organizations that operate in communities where the cruise industry does business whether in port or non-port states.
  • What is the typical amount of a CICF grant?
    • The amount of a particular CICF grant will vary depending upon the Foundation's budget in a given year and the need demonstrated by the applicant. However, grants are typically between $2,500 to $15,000.