About the CICF

The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) focuses its efforts on programs that are designed to improve the quality of life in the communities served by the cruise industry. CICF supports programs that enhance educational opportunities for youth, including those designed to improve literacy, teach basic life skills, and promote good citizenship. The Foundation also supports academic enrichment opportunities aimed at enhancing student proficiencies in reading, math and science.

Founded in 1998 the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation was established to enhance our industry's contributions in those communities where we have extensive partnerships with state and local businesses.

CICF supports non-profit organizations that encourage job creation and training, improve access to community services and provide youth and adult education, particularly for minority and disadvantaged students. In addition, the Foundation promotes programs designed to improve public health or medical research aimed at disease prevention. CICF also supports programs that promote environmental awareness and education, as well as the study of enhanced environmental technologies for the maritime sector.

The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, focuses its efforts in the following areas:

  • Civic and Community Development
  • Educational Assistance and Training Programs
  • Public Health Programs
  • Environmental Preservation Initiatives