Areas of Focus

Foundation efforts are focused on programs that help to improve the quality of life in the communities served by the cruise industry. CICF areas of emphasis include:

Civic and Community Development

In an effort to support the many state and local communities where our industry conducts business, CICF is interested in programs designed to enhance community economic development through job creation and training, and provide assistance to local community improvement projects.

In addition, the Foundation supports programs that improve access to basic community services, including disaster relief or emergency service assistance. We also provide assistance to programs that promote civic education, self-sufficiency and individual awareness programs, at both the youth and adult levels.

Educational Assistance and Training Programs

The Foundation encourages the creation and expansion of learning experiences and opportunities at the primary, secondary and higher education levels, particularly for minority and disadvantaged students. Areas of special interest to the Foundation include educational and training programs designed to improve literacy, teach basic life skills, promote good citizenship and public service, and increase reading, math and science proficiencies.

Public Health Programs

The Foundation assists public health facilities that provide patient treatment or support services for patients and their families. It also supports medical research projects aimed at disease prevention.

Environmental Programs

The Foundation encourages and supports programs designed to promote environmental awareness and public education, as well as the development of enhanced environmental technologies for the maritime sector.